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A business is a means of glorifying God by operating a business that is the channel of God's blessing in the economic market of the earth. "Therefore, a business is a relationship with God and with all those involved in the business, Social community, and in a broad sense, keeping business ecosystems, including customers, healthy is the value that should be pursued first. One of the most important things in this relationship is the growth and careers management of our internal customers.
We want to be an example of Biblical life in our business area and we will develop the world's first, It is the value of the service that we aim to find and grow talented people who have a mission to change into the world.
The generosity, ethical awareness, responsibility, trust and business mind are our talents.



Stock option: The company plans to attract foreign investment for full-scale mass production of products in 2020 by developing products for the next two years and releasing them to the market. In addition, it plans to provide stock options for individual investors is.


Patent Remuneration: We are the world 's first and the first one in the market of 1 ~ 3 ton electric construction equipments. The most important core competence for this is in securing intellectual assets that will maintain differentiated competitiveness of products and services in the global market. We support innovative and innovative ideas with the patent-reward system of the enterprise level


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