Key components

Finger tip remote controller

The remote control for remote control of medium and large construction machines such as crane or concrete pump car is mainly used as a regulator that adjusts by using the whole hand hanging on the neck or waist. Because such products are too big, too heavy and too sophisticated to be applied to 1 to 3-ton small devices, we want to develop a wireless controller capable of bi-directional communication with ergonomic design that allows precise control using individual fingers. In the future, this product will be offered as a common product so as to become the standard model of the wireless controller for 1 ~ 3 ton class electronic hydraulic control equipment.

Micro-EH MCV

An electronically controlled hydraulic valve for controlling multiple cylinders or motors at the same time and having a competitive price is not yet commercialized and must be used for a 5-ton class equipment. There are products that use manual and pilot control methods for 1 to 3 ton excavators, but existing Japanese companies are hesitant to develop electronic control valves. We develop electronic control valve of 10 ~ 45lpm, 250bar class and develop standard products that can be used jointly with 1 ~ 3 ton class electronic control hydraulic equipment. We develop and apply new solenoid valve technology to reduce cost and provide controller that can easily implement tuning and control algorithm.


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