Intelligent Personal Tool Carrier (iPTC)

iPTC100 │ iPTC120 │ iPTC160 │ iPTC200

1-ton electric remote control tool carrier with excellent space mobility (iPTC 100)

- Mobility to facilitate work in tight spaces: triad track system

- Zero-emission for indoor operation: Dual power electric system

- Ensure safety for small equipment operators: wireless remote control

- Power station for various tools: hydraulic, pneumatic, electric power

By providing a modular structure and a standard interface, customers can configure their equipment to suit their needs, and business partners can supply workstations or power tools to standard interfaces to implement the most efficient tool carriers.

Triad track system: 3 tracks can be driven and steered independently
omni-directional direction movement, in situ rotation, step and stairway travel
0.8m door pass, 10-person elevator ride

Wireless remote control
Operate equipment remotely for operator safety using wireless remote control. Use hydraulic control valve for remote control of hydraulic system. Providing a service platform

Dual power electric power system
Use battery power when moving, can move for up to 1 hour.

under carriages

Power Tools Opiton Attachments Undercarriages
fork lift
Robot arm
Low Track Ls (~ 5kmh)
High Speed Track HS (5 ~ 10kmh)
Y-shaped rear
Specifications unit iPTC 100 iPTC 120 iPTC 160 iPTC 200
Equipment Weight kg 980 1200 1600 2100
Equipment Width mm 750 750 780 780
Equipment Height
Main Body mm 970 1100 1300 1500
Working Device mm 1800 2000 2300 2500
Power kW 12 18 24 30
Lifting Force kg 200 250 300 400
Equipment Noise dB 90 90 87 87
Speed Km/h 4.0 4.0 4.0 4.0
Hydraulic System Pressure bar 220 220 250 250
Pump Maximum Flow lpm 30 35 45 50
Battery Capacity kwh 6 8 10 12
Battery Travel Time hr 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5

Triad Track Transportation (T3) System

- Omni-directional steering

- Take a ten-person elevator

- Width 800mm through door

- 30 degree slope, moving stairs

- Rotate body within 600mm radius

- 4m high work stability

Autonomous Control based on Work Pattern

- Saving the operator's work pattern and creating the optimal working device and driving / steering simultaneous control algorithm accordingly

- Learning support system that novice driver can easily drive, learn function of expert and repeat

- Automated / semi-automated process control for real-time response to external environmental changes occurring under a given standard task

- Autonomous operation function against communication delay in network-based real-time control required by 4th industrial revolution model

Dual Electric Power Supply System

- Use plug-in power for AC 3-phase 380V power supply in normal operation

- Apply 48V motor and battery to Mild hybrid vehicle standard

- Applied AC flow motors on price, hazardous material environment usability, maintenance convenience

- Use 48V Lithium battery power when moving, carry around 1 hour or carry out light load

- If the business is useful, use the battery as an energy buffer: provide additional power for peak workload, save energy for low workload

- Battery charging time: 4 hr (during 4 hr working hour)

under carriages


Power Tools Opiton Attachments Undercarriages

Fork Lift
Robot Arm
Low Track Ls (~ 5kmh)
High Speed Track HS (5 ~ 10kmh)
Y-Shaped Rear


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