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Human Resources and Research Institute

ISCHUS Co. Ltd. is a research institute of Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials.

ISCHUS CEO Jongmin Kang Smart Machinery Laboratory, Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials
2013-2017 Husco International,
vice president of sales and marketing
Researcher Lee Han-min and others 29
2011-2013 Vice President, Volvo Construction Equipment Headquarters 13 doctoral researchers
2006 ~ 2011 Volvo Construction Equipment Korea, Managing Director Environment awareness technology, autonomous driving technology
Minister of Construction and Industry, Ministry of Construction (2012) Construction Machinery / Agricultural Machinery Autonomous Work / Safety Control Technology
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장비 개발 자료

2트랙 3붐 다빈치

80cm 폭 골목 주행

다빈치10 분해조립으로 스마트한 공사


Representation : Jongmin Kang

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Company Registration Number : 527-86-01094

Main Phone : +82-42-863-7063

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